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Specialty coffee beans and equipment


Taste in Coffee is personal, therefore we work together with our clients to find their perfect bean, blend or roast. Taking time and effort to create a personalised product is a triviality to us. You can expect our care from the green coffee all the way into the cup at your café, hotel or office. Feel free to contact us in order to arrange a tasting or to get a tour in our roastery!

Our beans

After 8 years in the industry and after maintaining our pole position in an ever expanding market we have a solidly founded understanding of the business. We love to share our findings with new entrepreneurs or established coffee bars who wish to raise the quality of their coffee to the next level.

Catering Industry

– We offer extremely fresh beans
– Custom roast profiles with options for private label.
– Advise concerning equipment
– Training for adjusting machinery and grinders
– No contracts! our quality is our certainty

Hotel or Office

– We offer high quality dutch build automatic coffee machines
– Fast delivery in the Netherlands
– Test placement optional

Delicious beans

We like to offer a wide variety of coffees, to stay diverse we alter our selection regularly. All high quality beans, single origin with a cupping score of at least 85.

Healthy Breakfast

Feel like a light and healthy breakfast or lunch? We also serve yoghurt and smoothy bowls toped with our own delicious homemade granola and fresh fruits!

Juices and Smoothies

We press your favourite fruit and vegetable juices freshly to order. Or otherwise try our ice-cold smoothies made with frozen fruits and fresh apple juice.

CoffeeRoastery Oud West

Jan Pieter Heijestraat 143
1054 MG Amsterdam
020 – 412 55 67
Maandag - vrijdag: geopend van 08:00 tot 18:00.
Zaterdag - zondag: geopend van 09:00 tot 18:00.