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This Ethiopian Yirgacheffe has all the goodness you expect from a natural processed Ethiopian coffee. The roast profile is short and light in order to preserve these Ethiopian flavour traits. Very sweet and candy like with hints of strawberry, winegums and citrus – a vivid acidity and a creamy body. This coffee is well suited for all other brewing methods (see espresso brew advice below).

Name: Yirgacheffe, Adado Washing Station
Process: Natural
Region: Yirgacheffe
Roast: Omni Roast
: 1795 to 2150 meters
Arabica Variety: 
JARC varieties , Local Landraces 
Cupping Notes:
 Sweet, Strawberry, Winegums, Citrus

Espresso Brew Advice :
The roast profile is on the light side for espresso so higher extraction settings are recommended. Meaning lower dose, longer time and a larger shot.
Dose in: 18 grams double shot
Time: 30 seconds
Dose out: 44 grams

CoffeeRoastery only ships whole beans in order to preserve freshness and taste. We also offer quality handgrinders for at home or on the road to ensure perfect grounds!

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