Comandante C40 MK3 Nitro Blade Americain Cherry


The new MK3 version of the NITRO BLADE hand coffee grinder with a small size and extra durable components. Made by COMANDANTE, a German company.

COMANDANTE C40 sets new standards for small hand grinders that can grind coffee for drip brews, Chemex, AeroPress and espresso. All of the grinder components look like they have been carefully thought out a thousand times. Every single one of them has been manufactured and adjusted with great precision, which ensures completely failure-free operation of the grinder. The company has set out to create a grinder that you can use for many a year.

The first thing that catches our attention is its unique design – the combination of wood, metal and glass. If we look closely, we will notice a super convenient knob with a long crank connected to the grinder axle. No more shaky handles! Another external element that attracts our attention is the steel body with the laser-engraved COMANDANTE logo. Yet another is the glass container for the ground coffee, which can hold up to 40–45 grams of it.

The grinder is very robust and well-made. It’s fun to watch it in action (see video below). The burrs are made of special hardened steel. It is stabilised by two bearings and the regulation itself is incredibly precise. Probably no other manufacturer has ever come up with such a convenient selection dial before.

Important notes:

The burrs are made of special steel hardened with nitrogen and resistant to abrasive wear.

The special design of the burrs and the arrangement of the edges allow to completely close the gap between the burrs.

The special design of the burrs and the arrangement of the edges prevent dust from gathering in such large amounts that you would have to sift it out after every grinding.

Each element has been made with utmost care.

One turn grinds one bean.

Wooden handle.

Extra coffee container.


wooden handle
stainless steel body, axle and crank
hardened steel burrs
oak knob
glass container and extra jar



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